• Genre Scenes

    Genre Scenes

    As part of the workshop, you will be able to get an insight into craftmans’ shops that no longer exist in our country.

  • Amazing Landscape

    Amazing Landscape

    Thousands of years of history, culture, breathtaking landscapes – that is Sicily!

  • Faces – Characters

    Faces – Characters

    Real people, unique characters in every corner of the island.

  • Dolce Vita

    Dolce Vita

    Enjoy every moment of the dolce vita.

  • The Beginning of an Adventure

    The Beginning of an Adventure

    Your life will be enriched with unbelievable new experiences.

  • Real Values

    Real Values

    The place where every relationship, tradition and custom matters.

  • Street photography

    Street photography

    Movie character faces, surreal situations and unforgettable experiences will be awaiting you right in the streets every day.

  • Scout Around with Us

    Scout Around with Us

    Discover the island with us – we will show you everything that you would never be able to see on a traditional sightseeing tour.


Sicily is the melting pot of various cultures dating back thousands of years. It is the island of strange customs and traditions, breathtaking scenery, passionate locals, exotic flavors and scents. Sicily is not Italy. Of course, it is governed by the mainland, in fact, it is the most extensive region of the country, yet it doesn’t take much time for anyone visiting the island to realize that this place is something completely different, it is indeed a small country in and of itself that is apart from Italy. It is Sicily! The residents of this island are incredibly affectionate of their homeland. When speaking with the locals, we learned that even those living in the deepest poverty are unable to abandon their home; the island. They cannot leave even in hopes of a better life.

Discover Sicily with us and delve into its wonders! We were immediately captivated by the island and, being local residents by now, we can take you to the most unique places where you will be awaited by experiences and programs that you would never encounter during a regular sightseeing trip or vacation. Document one of your most amazing experiences and put together the most ideal photo album – follow us! Hello Sicily!

Pictures, pictures and even more pictures
Be prepared to take thousands of pictures in just a couple of days during this trip.
Learning and development
You don’t need to be a pro to participate in this workshop and enrich your life with amazing experiences. Instead, our tour guides will teach you all the ins and outs of photography.
Amazing locations
In addition to learning about photography, you will also have a once in a lifetime travel experience exploring the island.
New friendships
Make lasting friendships with people who share your interests. We will sure not run out of discussion topics.

Discover Sicily’s most hidden, magical locations using the expertise of two Hungarian photographers with unusual worldviews, who have been living on the island for nearly 2 decades. Take a time-travel to this unique corner of Europe merely known to the public previously, and see it with your own two eyes that Sicily is not just a part of Italy, but rather a magical world in and of itself where time has truly stopped; an enchanted and exotic place with a dash of Arabian and a dash of African flavor.

Since our two photographers, who are held in the highest esteem by the locals, have been long-term residents of the island, they have excellent knowledge of the area and its people and as such they will be great help to you in taking amazing pictures to bring home from your trip. All small groups (with a maximum of 10 participants) are led by Zoltán Fazekas and Péter Tóth photographers, who are not only familiar with the local culture and history, but are also experts of the everyday life in Sicily, as together they have spent over 20 years on the island.


During our weeklong workshop you will be able to gain an insight into the locals’ life, take pictures of craftsmen who are still cultivating many of the old traditional professions (fishermen, shoemakers, upholsterers, confectioners) and still work in their grandfathers’ shops today, while you will also have a chance to take pictures of the sunset at the most amazing nature locations. As part of our trip, we will visit several world famous film shooting locations and explore an unbelievable „ghost town” too.


We recommend this trip to everyone who is interested in photography and would like to explore the island with the help of local insiders. You can be a pro, an amateur or photography can simply be your hobby, you can have a reflex camera, a digital or an analogue one, but you can even be a fan of cell phone photography, we will be happy to have you join our group. You are guaranteed to have a great time and will be absolutely satisfied with our tours.


We have been living here for long years; therefore, we can take you to places where you would not be able to go as part of a regular visit. We will show you lots of magical places and give you professional guidance so your photos can be picture-perfect. As part of the workshop, we will review, analyze and evaluate all images. You will learn a lot in the midst of completing the most exciting tasks.


In addition to photography, one of the focal aspects of our workshop is to help you understand how you can make money with your pictures, what kind of options you have to make your photos known to people worldwide. We will review related websites and cover online marketing in depth as well.

An insight into professions that are on the verge of disappearing forever.
Breathtaking landscapes, magical places, surreal life situations.
Have breakfast at an early morning hour with the fishermen at the local fish market.
Tracking down places made famous by Al Pacino, Robert De Niro and Francis Ford Coppola.
Breathtaking landscapes and amazing views at the foot of an active volcano.
Every day is a holiday here, which the locals have their own way to celebrate.