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  • peter.toth@helloszicilia.hu

Péter was born in the Hungarian city of Nagykanizsa in 1977, and has been traveling the world ever since his childhood. As a young child he went to kindergarten in Pakistan, completed his elementary school studies in the United States, and spent most of his high school and college years in Great Britain. Having such an exciting childhood enabled Tóth to develop a unique worldview with a special interest in the life of everyday people and their fate. In his early twenties he returned to Hungary to establish a language school utilizing the experiences he had gained during his years abroad, with the hopes of being able to convey the rich experience and perspective he had encountered while traveling around the world. His school immediately became people’s favorite educational institute in Budapest, which further inspired Péter and triggered him and his wife, Nóra Szalai, to launch their 5 Perc Angol (5 Minute English) services in 2003. It is still the most popular entertainment-based language training site in the country, one that has also become the most sought after thematic magazine in 2009 and has been printed on a monthly basis ever since. Péter’s constant craving for new knowledge coupled with his perfectionism drove him to pick up additional skill sets, and – in addition to photography – he has developed outstanding graphical, layout editor and web-designer skills all by himself. As a father of two, he and his wife decided to move to Sicily following an amazing vacation they spent at the island. They were immediately captured by the straightforwardness and hospitality of the local people, as well as by the beauty of the „country” and its landscape. Sicily was the place where Péter’s interest in photography took a more serious turn. With his socio-photos he captured the heart of the locals immediately, and nowadays he is often stopped by famous Sicilian artists in the streets of Catania, and is regarded as a well-know photographer asked to take portrait pictures of them or of the local people.